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Satria Industrial Park stands as a testament to innovation and efficiency in industrial infrastructure.
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Warehousing and Storage: The park provides spacious warehouses and storage facilities designed to accommodate varying inventory requirements. These facilities are equipped with modern inventory management systems, ensuring efficient storage and retrieval processes.


High-Speed Internet Connectivity: Seamless connectivity is vital for modern businesses. Satria Industrial Park offers high-speed internet connectivity throughout its premises, facilitating smooth communication, data transfer, and access to online resources.


Sustainability Initiatives: Satria Industrial Park is committed to sustainability, implementing eco-friendly practices to minimize environmental impact. This includes energy-efficient lighting, green spaces, and initiatives to reduce carbon emissions.

Land Area: Beyond the built-up area, Satria Industrial Park encompasses a vast land area suitable for expansion, future development, and outdoor activities. This land area offers flexibility for businesses to scale their operations according to evolving market demands, strategic objectives, and growth opportunities.


Built-Up Area: The industrial park features a substantial built-up area comprising warehouses, production units, offices, and ancillary facilities. These structures are designed to meet modern industrial standards, offering spacious layouts and flexible configurations to accommodate different operational requirements. Satria Industrial Park offers large warehouse spaces equipped with loading docks, high ceilings, and efficient storage systems. These warehouses are ideal for inventory storage, distribution, and logistics operations, providing businesses with the necessary infrastructure to streamline their supply chain processes. These units are designed to optimize workflow efficiency and productivity, enabling businesses to meet production targets and quality standards.


Ownership Rights: With freehold land tenure, businesses enjoy full ownership rights over the land and any improvements made on it. This means they have the freedom to use, develop, and transfer the land without any constraints imposed by a landlord or governing authority.  Freehold land tenure typically leads to the appreciation of property values over time, especially in areas experiencing economic growth and development. Freehold land tenure offers long-term security and stability, making it an attractive option for businesses looking to make substantial investments in industrial real estate. Owners can develop the land according to their specific needs and retain ownership indefinitely, allowing for greater control over their investment. Businesses that own freehold land in Satria Industrial Park can benefit from potential increases in property value, providing opportunities for capital appreciation and wealth accumulation.


Efficient Material Handling: The cargo lift with a capacity of 1.5 tonnes facilitates efficient material handling and transportation within the industrial facilities. It allows businesses to move heavy goods, equipment, and machinery between different floors or levels of the buildings with ease.


Storage of Heavy Goods: The sturdy floor construction allows businesses to store heavy goods, materials, and inventory without compromising the safety or stability of the storage areas. Whether storing raw materials, finished products, or machinery parts, businesses can utilize the available space effectively and securely. The floor strength of 1 tonne per square meter indicates that the floors of the industrial buildings within Satria Industrial Park are designed and constructed to support heavy loads. This structural integrity is essential for accommodating various industrial activities, including manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics operations.


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